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Teahouse Receipt World Kindness DayI’m having trouble with my phone, so I visited a local T-Mobile store today. The parking lot is always really full, but luckily a guy was getting into his car when I arrived. As he’d park too close to the car on the driver’s side he was taking a little time to reverse out.

At the same moment, a car just next to me started reversing, so I had to move forward. There was also another car behind me trying to park as well. Having moved forward, I now missed the opportunity to take that parking spot. Unexpectedly, the guy behind me pulled up to me and rolled his window down and said:

“I was going to take that spot, but decided against it as you are a brother waiting for it. Normally I would have taken it.”

I said thank you and he drove off. I parked and went looking for him to shake his hand and tell him its “World Kindness Day.” I was standing in the original spot I was waiting for and he pulled into it. I walked over, he rolled down his window and I told him that it was funny that he was being kind and did he know what today was. He said no. I told him, he laughed and said he let me park as had the tables been reversed, he did not want someone to take the spot.

Story #2

I’ve been trying to think of what to do for World Kindness Day, but had no idea and figured it would come to me. I went to my usual Teahouse and after making my purchase, I tried to explain to the cashier  that I’m giving him $10 to pay for one tea for the next few customers until the money ran out. He was confused and astonished so he called the manager who knows me well. I explained and he understood and said the following:

“Did you pay for your tea already?”

I said “Yes.” then he said:

“If you did not I would have comped your tea. As a matter of fact the next time you come to buy tea, its on the house.”

I tried to refuse and told him it was not necessary, but he insisted and said he felt that he had to repay my kindness. He also mentioned that he will tell his family about the whole issue.

What a day.

How was your day?


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