What The Heck Is WDS2013? I’m Not Sure, But It Was A Whole Lot Of Fun

WDS 2013 Chris Guillebeau on stageI was drawn to Portland, OR this past weekend (July 5-7, 2013) for two reasons:

1). To see a friend of mine who lives there and

2). To attend #WDS2013.

You see, last year @nomadicmatt tweeted that he was at #WDS, what the heck is that I thought? Well, I looked it up and wanted to attend so I did and here’s what happened.

WDS2013 Chris Guillebeau Closing ToastSo there’s this guy called Chris Guillebeau who lives in Portland that does cool things like visit all countries in the world and wants us all to dominate the world. So what better way to do it than invite us to his town. So he rented out the Portland Zoo; yup, the entire Zoo for a welcome party and if that was not enough he also rented out the center of Portland, Pioneer Square for the closing party. Then he rented out a number of major venues around the city just ’cause he had 2,800 people coming to town.

WDS2013 Portland Spirit at the DockIn between all that and before, he and a group of attendees were able to break a world record; I was too tired to attend and have no desire to float down the Willamette River in a tube, instead I opted for the Portland Spirit on Saturday night like many others. I met really cool and different people from many walks of life:

  1. Like a retired Doctor, who is not sure what to do next
  2. a surfer who was golden brown from Hawaii
  3. an Israeli dad from Canada taking care of his kid during Darren Rowse’s talk about blogging
  4. Old travelers and new ones; even some “travel hackers”
  5. talked to my friend Ruth, either of us can’t remember where me met before, apart from Toronto, Canada where we “first” met. We are certain though that we met before Toronto…

The experiences go on and on.

To say I had fun is the least I could say. Plus I did get a chance to press the flesh with Chris if at least for just a moment and the guy remembered who I am after having met me only twice and conversed via email. That’s impressive.

WDS2013 ClosingChris and team, thank you for a wonderful time. I’m pumped and will be there next year.

I still don’t know what WDS is all about, but whatever it is, its infectious and I want more. Were you there? What do you think?WDS2013 Orange Martini on Portland SpiritWDS2013 Portland Center MarquisWDS2013 Two Attendees Doing PushupsWDS2013 Darren Rowse on Stage in Superman SuitWDS2013 Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett's TalkWDS2013 Ambassadors High FivingWDS2013 Three Attendees

WDS2013 Three Attendees


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