Two Things I Learned From Harrods And You Can Too

Harrods KnightsbridgeI’m visiting friends in the United Kingdom and of course while in London I had to venture by Harrods to see the Christmas lights as well as the people it attracts.

Harrods Range RoverWe looked around outside at its big beautiful windows and lights, then headed upstairs to the toy floor. It was magical; smartly decorated, lots of toys and people everywhere. I was especially intrigued as were others by the 39,995 GBP toy Range Rover. I guess one would have the kid drive that on the estate, but I digress.

We approached the cashier to pay for our purchase and she greeted us well scanned the items, then politely asked:

“Would you like a bottle of water with that?”

“No,” we replied, but I was awed by the fact that Harrods was selling a bottle of water in the Toy Department.

She also asked us if we had a Rewards card, to which my friend responded no and asked what was that. The cashier proceeded to explain it to us, but we declined anyways.

After the transaction was complete I asked, why they sold water, to which she replied, “well as you walk the store you become thirsty (since the store is so big), so we offer you some water for 1 GBP to keep you going.” Ingenious, I thought. So I asked her do they sell; she said a resounding Yes! We do really well with the water.

As I go through my entrepreneurial days I’ve learned two resounding lessons from Harrods here:

  1. Ensure you have a loyalty card that bring customers back to your store time and time again
  2. Make sure you have an upsell.

Harrods Jack Sparrow and Kerwin Oh and I met Captain Jack Sparrow :-). What have you found in your travels?




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