Turning 50: What Kind Of Gift Do you Give A Fifty Year Old?

Historic NewspaperTurning 50, is a monumental moment and achievement and this year a few of my friends with whom I went to primary school are arriving or have already arrived at this milestone.

I’m bad at giving people birthday gifts and also remembering the dates, but when my grandaunt turned 100, five years ago, I went on a quest to find the newspaper that was published on the day of her birth in the place she was born. It was not as difficult as I thought and everyone at her birthday loved it as I gave a select number of them a copy as well.

I tried to do the same for one of my friends who was born in London and schooled in Jamaica; long story, and it proved a bit more difficult; at least initially.

After about three email exchanges, I hit pay dirt and this service (Historic Newspapers) said, yup, we can get you a copy. You do need to give them some notice though as the copy is mailed to you.

Once I received it, I showed it to my friend and he was quite delighted. It did take him a few minutes to figure out what it was though, so we helped him along a bit. Afterall, how many of you have seen the newspaper from the day you were born?

My other friends who are or have turned fifty are now “jealous.” Seems I’ve created monsters :).

What special gifts have you created for someone on their special birthday? Please leave a comment below.

Are you turning 50 soon or have turned 50 recently? Please leave a comment below.


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