Think Your Job Sucks? How About The Skyscraper Window Washers’?

Window Washers at the Burj KhalifaAs I travel the world, one thing I’ve noticed in many cities is the need to clean the outside of the windows in high rises. And the content theme is human-powered. We all get annoyed when our view is blocked by those annoying dust particles. I know I am especially in an airplane. Even worst when its between the two glass!

In comes your window washers; they have the dubious task of getting into a contraption and lowered down the side of the building to get the windows all clean for you. I’ve spotted these workers in Porto, Portugal; Gold Coast, Australia and most recently Dubai, United Emirates. You’d think that with all the great technology we have, we could design self-cleaning windows. I mean, we have self-cleaning ovens. For simplicity sake, why can’t we have automated squeegees that comes down from the top of each windows squirting cleaning fluid? Then down again to wipe it all away. I’m sure the engineers have thought about all this. It’s just too simple not to have done so.

Window Washer Gold Cost, AustraliaThis has to be considered as one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, but also quite fun. Imagine dangling and repelling from the world’s tallest building; but its your job to do so as you are a window cleaner. I wanted to talk to the guys, but I did not have a chance to do so; maybe next time.

So the next time you complain about how tough your job is or how much you hate going to work; think about the window cleaners who clean the outside windows of skyscrapers. They are a unique breed.



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