The Quest To Find The Most Traveled Black Guy

Who Is The Most Traveled Black Guy- IsI got a text a few mornings ago my friend Erick, a fellow travel blogger over at Minority Nomads. Erick’s blog talks about getting minorities to travel more and travel from a minority’s perspective.  But I digress.

The text asked me

“do you know of any african american who has visited every country?”

Now, there are all kinds of numbers about how many countries there are in the world. And you would think that by now we would have all the countries accounted for,  but I think South Sudan is the newest and there are several places who wants to break away from their mother country. But I digress again.

So I replied, I think it may be me at 111 countries and geographic territories (tongue in cheek). But am I? Are you that guy? Erick is currently at 74 and is planning on adding at least ten more by year end. I’m just going with the flow and who knows how many I’ll add by December 31, 2015.

I turn fifty in a few months, but I’ve already done 50 and 100, so no nifty marketing moniker there. But speaking of moniker, ever since I met Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to have visited all the world’s countries, I’ve been thinking,  what is my thing?  Other than wanting to visit all the countries in the world and have fun doing it?

Plus I’m looking for an Agent and I know they’ll ask me these questions. So being the most traveled Black Guy could be a cool tag line, since the most traveled,  the youngest, etc. are already taken it seems. Or are they taken?

So after giving each other friendly grief about who is top “dawg?” Where we’ve been, etc. We both decided it would be a good idea to seek out the Most Traveled Black Guy (Erick likes African American, I’m from the Caribbean, I use Black Guy) :-). Other things will surface as we go along. And so, The Quest now begins!

Kerwin and Erick at WTM

Are you that Person? Do you know that Person? Leave a note below and tell us what you think. If you know someone who fits the bill, tell them we are looking for them.

You can see out stats about the places we’ve been below. Have you been to any of them? As Erick was in the military (thanks for what you do dude) he logged some good ones like Afghanistan and Iraq, so I have my work still cut out for me in this friendly rivalry, but I know I can keep my lead. It’s on Erick.

By the way, Erick publicly issued his challenge in this post.

I am happily accepting Erick. It’s on buddy!

PS: You have a lot of countries to visit Erick :-).


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