Perform A Random Act Of Kindness Today

It is such fun for me to help random strangers I meet on my travels. There’s a feeling that I really explain, you can only experience it.

So I think a favor was returned as last Sunday, I was in a Chipotle fast food restaurant getting a chicken burrito bowl. As the server started serving the lady behind me noticed that there was something black already in the bowl. She immediately alerted the server and I of the situation. So the server started over with a new clean bowl.

OI thanked her calmly and of course, we got to talking as both our orders continued to be filled. As it turned out, we had the exact same thing; coincidence? Perhaps.

Perform A Random Act of Kindness Today

Perform A Random Act of Kindness Today

So I get to the cashier and the cashier seeing us talking asked as normal if these were together, I hesitated and then said, “you know what, yes.” The lady was not paying attention so she did not realize that I had paid for her meal. I turned to her and said “one good turn deserves another.” She then thanked me, we exchanged pleasantries about where we are from, etc. then we bade each other goodbyes and safe journeys and literally went in opposite directions.

I tell you this as its such a pleasure to perform a random act of kindness. don’t over think it, just go with it when it happens.

Normally, February 17 is National Random Act of Kindness Day, but I’d like you to make today, Thursday, October 1, 2015, your Random Act of Kindness Day. And for that matter any day you so please going forward.

Now get out there today and any day and be randomly kind, but it has to be to a perfect stranger. And then leave a comment below as it is even more fulfilling to share your random act with someone else as a way to inspire good around the world.

Remember it could be anything, you don’t have to spend a dime, just do something nice for someone you don’t know today, then please leave your random act of kindness in a comment below as I really want to hear about it.



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