The People I Meet On My Journey: A Multi-national Young Man In Australia

Australias Gold Coast Beach - CoolangattaAs I travel, I love interacting with the people I meet. For some reason, they are quite comfortable talking with me.

Most recently, I was in Australia and met a young man who was serving me fries in what seemed like a family-owned place in the Gold Coast. I enjoyed going here as the food is cheap in an otherwise really expensive city.

I started chatting with the young man as I realized that he has a non-Australian accent, so I knew there was a story there. Here’s his story:

  • Parents are fromĀ Eritrea in Africa
  • Born in Saudi Arabia
  • Moved to Ethiopia at age 10
  • Then later to Kenya
  • At 25 (currently), he moved to Australia
  • He speaks Amharic, English, Tigrinya, Swahili and he loves listening to reggae music.


And that’s why I love to travel. What’s your story? Please leave a comment below.


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