The People I Meet On My Journey: The Water Taxi Driver From The Millinneum Hilton, Bangkok Thailand

The latest installment in this series sees me meeting an employee at the Millennium Hilton in Bangkok. I was watching the busy Chao Prahya river and started to talk with one of the employees.

Sirisak and Kerwin at Millennium Hilton in Bangkok, ThailandAs it turns out, Sirisak is 48 years old and have been working for the Hilton for 8 years. This story is unique as when I asked him he wrote down “49” and then “57” below it. I did not understand what he meant at all. Luckily a lady came by and I asked her if she spoke Thai. She said yes. So I asked her to translate for me and she agreed.

As it turns out, Sirisak, is Buddhist and was using the Buddhist calendar in which it is currently the year 2557, the equivalent of 2014; a difference of 543 years between the two calendars. So he had started working at the Hilton in 2549, eight years ago.

Sirisak is one of the drivers who navigate the River on a daily basis taking passengers from the hotel to the nearby BTS station, Saphan Taksin. This is no small feat at all as this is one busy river. Almost everything passes up and down this river as you can see below. Thank you Sirisak for what you do.

Have you ever taken a trip on this river? Who have you met on your journeys?

Long Tail Boat Chao Phraya River


Millennium Hilton Water Taxi

Barge Floating Down the Chao Phraya River



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