The People I Meet On My Journey: Cab Drivers In Muttrah, Oman

As you perhaps have realized, I’m way too friendly. As such, when I travel I try to interact with the locals to understand how things work in their world. I’ve learned so much that way in my travels. I’ve even been invited into the sanctuary of people’s homes; it is indeed humbling when a stranger invite you into their lives.

Cab drivers and Kerwin in Muttrah, OmanI was walking through the waterfront city of Muttrah and I stopped to talk with some local cab drivers. I was curious to find out why they charged what they did so I could be knowledgeable when asked. They welcomed me with open arms and we had such a pleasant conversation. They learned a little about me and I of them. This photo was taken by one of them at my request without hesitation from any of them.

Have you ever stopped and talked to the people you meet when you travel? If so please leave a comment below and tell me about.


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