The People I Meet: FunForLouis, VagaBrothers, Nadine, Erin and Dorian


Hanging in Coba at the Temple

Hanging in Coba at the Temple

I just spent ten days in Cancun, Mexico at a travel conference. Before you get any ideas :-), it was a lot work. O.K. fine, we had some fun too.

I did a trip compliments of the Cancun Visitors Bureau and the Krystal Grand Hotel. As such, I was paired with 6 other travel bloggers and media professionals, four of which are video bloggers. It was such a fantastic experience and we all enjoyed each others’ company as well as learning from each and learning about the Mayan Experience in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

  1. FunForLouis – This is Louis Cole, a YouTube video blogger who blogs about his life on a daily basis. By the way, he’s almost at 1,000,000 subscribers, so be sure and Subscribe to his channel. Please do the same for the other bloggers as they each provide a wealth of varied travel information.
  2. VagaBrothers – Brothers Alex and Mark are video bloggers who tells their travel stories through videos.
  3. Erin de Santiago – I met Erin a few years ago at a travel conference and we’ve kept in touch. She’s a freelance news media specialist who offers services in blogging, photography, social media and writing. She also has a cool food blog among her other blogs.
  4. Hey Nadine – This young lady recently spent two months in Tobago where she blogged about the island.
  5. Dorian – From Ambergris Today, provides all the news you can use for Ambergris Caye in Brazil.
  6. Christy Rosado – She works with the Cancun Visitors Bureau. So if you want to find out anything about Cancun, just send them a tweet to CancunCVB.

Temple in Coba, Mexico

What do you think about these people I’ve met? Please leave a comment below.


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    Love this post. Hugs for everyone!

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