I Look Ridiculous. And I Get “You Look Ridiculous” Looks Too :-) All For Prostate Cancer Awareness

Movember Prostate Cancer AwarenessI’ve not grown a moustache in ages, O.K. years. But this month I decided to grow one to increase awareness for Prostate Cancer and the Movember Campaign.

If your family has a risk of prostate cancer, start your check ups early. Otherwise at 40, just start getting it done.

I was in Jamaica a few weekends ago for a family event and I was talking to some young males/female about it (13, 19, 24, 25). They are mortified of the test, which is why it’s usually too late when detected. They have many misconceptions based on what they’ve heard; they have zero facts. So please have a talk with the men in your lives.

I have two great friends who have early traits in their families and started getting tested in their late thirties. Look it’s a part of life to get old and when we get old, our bodies is susceptible to ailments/diseases. Don’t be scared to get tested. It literally takes seconds and the Doctors are very good at putting your mind at ease before the very simple procedure.
So, I have two words for you when age-ready:
Get Tested.
More information at http://us.movember.com/. Plus a ton of information about testing as well.



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