Hanging in Houston, TX

Houston TeahouseThe last week or so, I’ve been hanging out in Houston, TX fresh from Bali, Indonesia; country/territory #108. It’s been great as I got so much accomplished its not funny. I’m usually at my favorite Teahouse where they have great tea and free WiFi, plus its a great atmosphere.

I was able to launch my new course for travel bloggers; which I actually finalized while on the uber long flight from Tokyo, Japan (NRT) to Houston, TX (IAH). I was a captive audience, so I just let it fly. And flew it did.

I’ve also got this site updated so that’s great.

Auntie Lizzie at 103Later this week the travels continue as I try to get to Jamaica to see my grandaunt who turns 104 years old. Crazy huh? I’m so excited to see her. When I get back, its off to Rotterdam, Netherlands; that’s the start of my travelling constantly again.

How have you been? What’s going on in your week? Please leave a comment below.


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