Getting A Pub Recommendation From A Local In Reading, UK

Take Courage Pint At The Bugle In Reading UKI was just in Reading, UK (pronounced “reding”) and I wanted to find a local bar to have a pint and get some work done while at it.

I saw a lady bus driver on the street and said in a friendly tone, “hi, I have a question for you?” She had her phone in her hand and was clearly going about her night; it looked like she had just finished her shift. While smiling and looking me straight up at me (she is shorter), she answered, “I don’t know if I can answer it, but I’ll try.”

The Front Of The Bugle in Reading U.K.I asked her if she had any pub recommendation that is within walking distance, other than the big chain across the street as pointed to it. She paused for a moment and recommend the The Bugle (144 Friar Street) which is just down the road on the left. Then she thought again and pointing in the other direction, she mentioned another place, not too far away. I started to thank her, but then she started to mention another one a little further away. Then she said, “that’s enough for now and by the time you are done with those, it should be time to for you head home.

Inside The Bugle In Reading U.K.I then thanked her, we said good bye. She crossed the street and I walked about 100 yards and entered the Bugle; a really quaint local pub and had a pint. As it turns out, I just had one pint while working and visited only that bar for the night. But now I have two others to explore on my next visit.

So next time you are in an unfamiliar city, ask a local where to hang out, you never know what good information you may receive.



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