Ever Had Maximum Customer Service?

Burj Khalifa-Atmosphere Lounge Hostesses and KerwinEvery now and again I get what I call “maximum customer service.” This is where something happens in my daily life that makes me say wow! And then when I think its over, its not and the experience gets better. Here’s such an experience.

Burj Khalifa Sold Out - Maximum Customer ServiceI was in Dubai and visited the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building). All the slots for that day was sold out. Which I though was incredible since its cost 400 AED to go up there before 10p and 125 AED after 10p. I did find out though that you can visit the Atmosphere Lounge at the 122 floor (enter at the 123 floor; one floor below the observation deck) for as little as 320 AED. I got a phone number and called and as luck would have it they had room for one at 2:30p. So up I went.

Burj Khalifa Atmosphere ToiletFrom the moment I entered the building which also houses the Armani Hotel, the service was First Class. The staff made it completely memorable. Even going to the toilet continued with the experience as I had a similar view as I did while sitting in the Lounge. How about that?

Thank you Atmosphere for providing Maximum Customer Service.

What are some examples of maximum customer service in your daily lives/travels? Please leave a comment below.


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