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It’s World Kindness Day – Do Your Part

Today, 13 November 2013 is World Kindness Day So please do a Random Act of Kindness. I guarantee you that you’ll make someone’s Day. If you are struggling with ideas here are some: – Call your mom/dad or a family member and thank them, don’t tell them why, then hang up the phone – Pay […]

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Living A Virtual Lifestyle: Do You?

It’s been two years and nearly four months since I embarked on my nomadic journey. It’s been very fun and rewarding. I’m still not living off my web sites, but I’m getting there. During the last few weeks, I’ve made much inroads thanks to networking. During the time, my virtual lifestyle have allowed me to […]

Thrifty's Free Rental Day Recall

Thrifty Pulls Back Its Free Rental Day Offer

This morning, Thrifty sent me this email that said: “Congratulations! You’ve earned a FREE rental day through Blue Chip Rewards! You’ll receive your Blue Chip Rewards certificate in three to four weeks at the address listed in your profile. “ Then a few minutes ago, they sent me this: Dear Valued Customer, This morning you […]

Sioux City Airport (SUX)

Does Your Airport SUX?

What in an Airport Name? I recently read an article where the Sioux City, IA Airport hates its name and has tried repeatedly without success to change it. Why, it just plain SUX. Yup, that’s the three-letter code for that airport; SUX. I’ve always loved airport code naming as I think some are clever, some […]