Happy Birthday To The Boeing 747

Being a big aviation aviation geek, I have to report that today, Tuesday, 9 February 2016 is 47 years since the first Boeing 747 too flight. Here are some stats from the Boeing Web site. First flight Feb. 9, 1969 Model number 747-100/-200 Classification Commercial transport Span 195 feet 8 inches Length 231 feet 4 […]

Perform A Random Act of Kindness Today

Perform A Random Act Of Kindness Today

It is such fun for me to help random strangers I meet on my travels. There’s a feeling that I really explain, you can only experience it. So I think a favor was returned as last Sunday, I was in a Chipotle fast food restaurant getting a chicken burrito bowl. As the server started serving the lady […]

Who Is The Most Traveled Black Guy- Is

The Quest To Find The Most Traveled Black Guy

I got a text a few mornings ago my friend Erick, a fellow travel blogger over at Minority Nomads. Erick’s blog talks about getting minorities to travel more and travel from a minority’s perspective.  But I digress. The text asked me “do you know of any african american who has visited every country?” Now, there are all […]